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​Clearing the Pathways to Prosperity with Helen Barnes

Embracing the 5th Dimensional New Earth Energies Monthly Webinar Series – June Clearing the Pathways to Prosperity with Helen Barnes PURCHASE HERE The Universe is abundant and sustains and supports us, but it can only provide us with what we believe.  It will mirror back to us just what our thoughts and beliefs are around prosperity.  In order to manifest abundance in our lives we must release all blockages and limitations that are preventing us from being in the full flow of prosperity,  Helen will channel the Language of Light harmonic sounds to clear programmes of lack and scarcity (poverty consciousness).  She will bring through potent harmonic frequencies to recalibrate the molecular structure specifically addressing old beliefs that are engrained at cellular level. This recalibration is like a reset to enable you to reclaim your divine birth right to gracefully receive the divine flow of prosperity.   This potent energy transmission is not to be missed.   BENEFITS INCLUDE: greater inner peace as you connect more deeply with your true essence a lighter sense of being as you raise your vibration to higher harmonic resonance greater sense of clarity and purpose in all that you BE stronger connection with your own spirit helpers and family of light AboutHelen Barnes is an International Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Channel and Author. Helen offers a range of gifts, channelled in a state of surrender, to assist those awakening to divine truth. She sometimes refers to herself as the Metaphysical GP because of the diversity of her gifts and also a Transformation Coach, as so many of her clients experience huge shifts in consciousness through...

​Wollumbin A Mountain’s Call with Helen Barnes

Embracing the 5th Dimensional New Earth Energies Monthly Webinar Series​​ Helen Barnes’ Monthly May Webinar,  Wollumbin – a Mountain’s Call, live from Byron Bay Hinterland Monday 4 May  7.30 pm NZ time Purchase here​ Helen is delighted to bring you her May monthly webinar from the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia and more specifically the Byron Bay Hinterland.  Helen has been called by spirit to connect in to the sacred mountain of Wollumbin or Mt Warning and bring through the mountain’s essence and wisdom in channeled sounds and harmonic waves of inter-stellar communication as the mountain ‘speaks’ to our greater consciousness and re-awakens our ancestral, celestial lineage.  Helen will surrender into deep connection with Wollumbin to bring through sacred sounds of resonance to assist planetary and individual remembrance of ‘that which we truly are’.  And whatever else the mountain guides Helen to do. About Wollumbin Wollumbin means “cloud catcher”, “rain maker”, “brush turkey”, or “warrior chief of the mountains” in the native Bundjalung language.  This mountain is considered to be a sacred site and for Aboriginal only those who have been initiated with tribal rituals are permitted to climb it. As the tallest mountain on the East Coast it is the first place on the Australian mainland to catch the rays of the sun each morning. In this way it is considered to be a holy mountain also. The mountain is the remnant central vent of an ancient volcano, and has a dual name. Captain Cook named it Mount Warning, but to the Aboriginal community it is known as Wollumbin. [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row] BENEFITS INCLUDE: greater inner peace as...

The Holy Sanctum of Isis with Helen Barnes

Embracing the 5th Dimensional New Earth Energies Monthly Webinar Series The Holy Sanctum of Isis with Helen Barnes – REPLAY Purchase here In this Expanding Consciousness Webinar, Helen channeled a series of energy transmissions from Goddess Isis to re-connect you with your own inner Goddess.  Isis will assist you to reach into your innermost sanctum to reconnect with the purity of you as divine feminine Goddess.  Consider this a return to innocence as you re-calibrate energetically into an harmonic resonance aligned with the Holy of the Holies in Philae Temple, Aswan, Egypt and the consciousness of Isis. Great healing will take place as you return to the purity of your most feminine expression as Goddess incarnate.  Any energetic imprints of violations will be released freeing you and the collective consciousness of women from the pain and suffering of the past.  Once this healing and re-alignment has taken place, you will be ready to embrace the sacred marriage of self where the masculine and feminine come into perfect balance.  This is the new way – to walk this earth in union with all and this can only be done when we walk in union with self. This powerful transmission was aided greatly by Helen’s recent return from her sacred journey to Egypt in January.  Testimonials   “I would just like to thank you for your AMAZING webinar last night! As soon as it started my tears began to flow, and by the end I felt a peace in my heart that I have never experienced before. My soul was in rapture.  For all that you are and all you bring forth I express...

Sacred Initiation from Abydos Temple Egypt

Having just returned from egypt and more specifically Abydos, Helen is guided by spirit to dedicate this webinar to the energies and mysteries of Abydos. You will experience the ancient whispers of Abydos as

Sirian High Council Transmission Recording

In this webinar, Helen will channel live from the Giza Plateau tuning into the Pyramids and also the energy of the Sphinx. Helen will be with a group on a Sacred Soul Immersion Journey